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What choices do I have for rollers?

If your garage door rollers are worn, you can get plain steel ones, galvanized materials or nylon rollers. The plain ones are the cheapest according to our company in Tolleson and the most noisy, galvanized ones are the best but you must add ball-bearings to make them quiet and nylon ones are quiet but wear fast.

How long do components last?

The longevity of garage door parts differs among them but it is also subject to the frequency of maintenance and daily use. The general rule is that galvanized materials will last longer but this is not absolute since it would depend on the services and local weather conditions as well. Hence, maintenance is important to longevity.

Why is my garage door hitting the floor?

This is most likely due to improper limit adjustment. You should decrease the low limit. If this does not help, you have to reduce the down force. The spring may be too loose or broken so it will require tightening or replacement respectively.

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