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What are the best materials and the best way to maintain garage doors? Check out how you can operate the door from a distance. Also read about the significance of replacing worn parts immediately.

Replace the worn parts

When garage door parts are seriously damaged or broken, you should replace them rather than have them repaired. Our experts in Tolleson insist that some problems are repairable but seriously worn components will fail to operate properly, may compromise your safety and may need repeated repairs more frequently.

Garage door control from a distance

You can control the garage door opener from a distance through your smartphone or computer. If you think this isn't important, consider how easy it would be to open the garage door to your parents visiting from out of town without having to move from your office.

Garage door spring durability

This may depend on the type of springs your door needs and how much you use it on a daily basis, but in general, specialists say that 10 years is the approximate lifetime of the garage door springs (or 10,000 cycles). When you need to replace them, make sure to call one of our specialists because it can be very dangerous to do this on your own without specialized qualifications.

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